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A remarkable individual who approaches her responsibilities with utmost dedication.

Srilatha is not only a caring wife, daughter, and mother, but also a highly accomplished businesswoman who serves as the Head of Data and Analytics in Bangalore. She oversees the DevOps Datawarehouse, Data Engineers, and Model N/SAP BPC and TM1 teams, taking full accountability for their deliverables and people development.

With a great sense of pride and passion, Srilatha fulfills all her roles and supports her team with her exceptional nature and unique ability to act simply and swiftly. No challenge is too big for her, and she always remains calm and composed in the face of adversity. In fact, she possesses an extraordinary talent that makes her even more remarkable, but you'll have to watch the video to find out!

But beyond her unique gift, Srilatha is a true power woman who is part of our Women in Leadership program, the IMP (International Management Program), and the Leadership DE&I team. As an active participant in these programs, she strives to fulfill her vision of making data analytics even more powerful and putting that power in the hands of people.

We hope you enjoy watching the video and are inspired by Srilatha's story.

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Our skilled and witty father, who is especially adept at answering his daughter's toughest questions and tackling a range of complex tasks with ease.

Have you ever wondered why superheroes always wear a very specific color or why mangoes are yellow? Difficult questions don't always have a straightforward answer, but fortunately, Sourabh has an expert to consult: himself, always with a twinkle in his eye.

Not only does Sourabh love math, but he also has a talent for understanding and making sense of technical aspects in projects. This way of thinking helps him excel at work, such as on one of his favorite projects in India, where he led Data Science projects. His driving force during this project was the vision of empowering all team members and getting the best out of everyone. He wondered, what if everyone did their job like a data scientist? The answer was gaining deeper insights from all available data, which could make all processes and insights even better. Using the Palantir Foundry platform, he and his colleagues have already started creating rich data points (DTIs) that are used by product, engineering, analytics, business intelligence, and data science teams.

Speaking of the team, what Sourabh appreciates most about us is the great diversity, respect, and uncompromising cohesion we have at eye level. He even reveals a little CEO-secret in the video that might surprise you too.Enjoy the video, and we're sure you'll find Sourabh just as smart as we do.

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One of our remarkable female leaders in perfect balance.

Shobha, our Big Data Solution Architect and Lead Expert in Finance, has built her career in Mumbai, London, and the bustling world of Wall Street in New York.

But what truly captivates everyone is the immediate sense of genuineness, enthusiasm, comfort, and ease they feel in her presence. Her secret? Spiritual discipline. Daily meditation empowers her and leads to remarkable success.

Approaching her tasks, such as developing the Data Analytic Ecosystem, with a clear mind, Shobha focuses wholeheartedly on engineering and data science. To put it simply, she builds automation to collect and wrangle data to enable businesses to draw valuable insights.

Despite the incredible challenges that arise from managing multiple complex projects using the latest market technology in her field, Shobha is agile and quickly adapts to business needs, bringing dynamic energy and drive to the forefront very gracefully.

She doesn't dwell on difficulties. In fact, what she appreciates most about our company is the rapid development in data analytics, ten times faster than the industry average, and the cutting-edge technology we employ.

The unique teamwork within the company is another factor she values. Shobha is simply the perfect fit for us, and we couldn't be happier to have her enriching our company.

But there's more to discover about Shobha in the video. So, sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy the journey.

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Introducing Mathias, whose baby is more than just data.

What exactly does he do?

Mathias is like our very own internal family affair. His wife is also a part of our company. Together, they have a precious daughter who has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on all of us. What Mathias finds particularly remarkable is that at our company, high performance and family compatibility go hand in hand. This is advantageous for us as well, as we continuously seek talented individuals for the foreseeable future.

In fact, working here feels more like a passion than a job. Mathias wholeheartedly supports his diverse team, the AI & Quantum Lab in Group Science & Technology Office. These individuals collaborate to develop innovative and refined applications and technologies that simplify the work of others. With fresh ideas, diverse perspectives, and an abundance of enjoyment, it's no wonder that Mathias made an exception and temporarily returned from parental leave specifically for this video.

Providing decision-making support to managers, optimizing logistics and production processes, and, above all, aiding patients through data analytics—these are the driving forces that motivate Mathias. The abstract concepts become tangible through his work and data analysis.

We eagerly anticipate Mathias's return from parental leave, eagerly awaiting the "ceremonial baby handover" at the factory gates.

But don't just take our word for it. See for yourself what Mathias reveals and the life-changing tip he shares at the end of his video.

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Our computational Talent with a sweet secret.

Psst!Mariana is a native Bulgarian and speaks 3 languages fluently. Well, actually, there are four and exactly the fourth is her favorite language. Which one do you think it is? We don't want to give everything away at this point. Only this much: the computer linguist is a real multi-talent with a multicultural factor. She grew up internationally, has now lived in Europe for 12 years and lived in South Korea for a long time before that. To this day, curiosity drives her to all sorts of places in the world. On her wakeboard or here in front of the camera at the Innovation Centre, one of our workplaces here.

Mariana's work credo? In short, she uses 10% technical and combines it with 90% intercultural knowledge.

And when her little son asks her what her employer actually makes and manufactures, she is proud to say: Medicine, for example. That's what drives her to use Data Governance & Analytics in the Healthcare Sector to help create value and support for society as a whole. The fact that she never gets bored here is just one of the many reasons why she loves working for her company.

We are quite happy that Mariana's paths have led them to us and that she is now performing on the big DATA ANALYTICS stage. Of course, preferably in her favorite language: Computer Linguistic.

But what the hell is her sweet secret? Find out and watch the video!

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Marius is our Chef de Data-Cuisine, who thinks outside the box.

Marius' passion for data started in his youth - for example, in the meticulous creation of the optimal nutrition plans.He is also our number one contact when it comes to the ultimate-perfect development of delicious recipes and even takes care of the physical well-being of his colleagues from time to time.

Without a doubt, he is one of our most creative team players, starting each day with the manifestation of his vision of an enterprise ontology. What exactly does he mean? He will tell it to you very simply in the video. Marius is always ready to help and patiently explains complicated issues. Again, if necessary.

We can't imagine our data world without Marius and are proud of why we are the best employer for him.

And when he's not at the stove or in his home office? Then you can meet him in the Innovation Center. This is where he experienced a special highlight in his professional career as a data architect.

In this video, you´ll learn what it was and why it still makes his eyes light up.

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Our most curious team member.

Tobias is one of our Senior Product Owners in the area of AI & Analytics Products.What exactly does he do?It's quite exciting and challenging at the same time and only one person can explain it in as few words as possible. Namely, he himself.Tobias loves to come up with a very simple analogy for the most complicated business-requirements. After all, he is a kind of link between the business and the development teams. In short, he translates the business strategy to product development.With our highly specialized business processes, this is sometimes challenging, but not a problem for Tobias. Not with a good cup of coffee anyway.

Sounds exciting? It is. Because our anti-boredom formula is what Tobias really appreciates. So curious people are in good hands with us. If a 100% varied working day is not enough for you, you won't get bored with us after work.

Team spirit is lived: Tobias makes sure of that himself with organizing after-work events, which make the cohesion among colleagues even closer.

We are happy that Tobias works together with his developer team on so many complex business requirements and that we benefit from the best solutions for the whole company. But look for yourself!

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Marcel knows how it should be done.

From a young age, Marcel has been captivated by computers and data. It was clear early on that his career would be centered around this passion. Fortunately, his path led him to our dynamic Data Products Solution Team. Here, innovative tools are developed, and various processes, communication, and work methods are continuously enhanced. All of these activities take place within an exciting start-up environment. Marcel's team is characterized by its high motivation, agility, and efficiency, while still managing to maintain a positive atmosphere. Marcel, in particular, excels at boosting morale even in the face of stressful situations. The prevailing working culture and unique spirit that imbue the atmosphere are undoubtedly advantageous for Marcel.

As much as he loves his work and spends countless hours in front of monitors, Marcel also finds solace in playing soccer. In his opinion, the teamwork involved in soccer aligns seamlessly with the collaborative nature of data domain at the company, where diverse roles work together towards common goals. This aligns perfectly with his philosophy: merging data withpeople. Ultimately, he takes pride in using data analytics to enable various internal applications and, ultimately, improve the experience of our Life Science Organization's customers.

Now, sit back and enjoy Marcel's video, where he provides an exciting glimpse into his diverse work. As you can see, we have an incredibly intelligent and talented group of individuals here.

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Our versatile data genius with barista skills.

Nicolas is a lead architect in the life science sector, always equipped with the perfect solution, sometimes even tucked away in his jacket pocket. How would we describe him in three words? Here you go: proactive, inquisitive, and pragmatic. And, as mentioned before, he's quite hands-on. Not only does he keep our data platforms impeccably clean, but he also has a clever tool for every situation.

Nicolas always knows how to navigate his tasks while keeping his goals and vision in sight. As our self-professed nerd, he takes great care in maintaining accuracy and cleanliness within our data platforms, and he excels at it. In fact, his brilliant team relies on him so much that magically, any issues that need fixing always end up on his desk... He finds it amusing, but the shared enthusiasm and motivation of his versatile team make it all worthwhile, prompting him to turn a blind eye to the "nerdy" or mundane tasks and tackle them with gusto.

By the way, Nicolas possesses even more talents beyond being the master of data platforms. If he weren't here with us, he would be a leading barista or a master pizza chef somewhere. Luckily for us, he chose data and our company!

Enjoy your time with Nicolas, as he generously spared a few minutes for you. Catch a glimpse quickly because he's already on the move again, resolving the next challenges that arise.

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