At Merck, you’ll collaborate with people from different cultures and life experiences. We believe our culture of diversity and inclusion is a catalyst for innovating and championing human progress.


We are also convinced that a diverse workforce, paired with an inclusive company culture, generates business success and enhances corporate sustainability, in particular by strengthening the power of innovation of our company. We believe that by building an inclusive culture, we ...

… better meet diverse customer needs & address market dynamics. As we expand into new product areas and regional markets, our employees help us stay close to our customers, their needs and expectations and to the environments they operate in.

… drive innovation through inclusion. By creating an environment where new ideas can be generated and pursued, we strengthen our ability for groundbreaking innovation and to create innovative products and services for our customers and patients.

… attract, develop & retain the best people. With the increasing diversity of graduates and professionals with expertise in our scientific and business areas, it is imperative that we create a welcoming and safe environment for them to unleash their potential and ultimately contribute to business success.


More than 38% of leadership roles are held by women


We currently employ people from a total of 139 nations in 66 countries


Five generations represented


We are proud of our commitment to attract and retain all talents, regardless of gender, nationality, or age. We celebrate all dimensions of diversity and believe that it drives excellence and innovation, strengthening our ability to lead in science and technology. Our goal is to continue working towards a more inclusive and equitable workplace and celebrate the incredible contributions that both men and women make in every field.

The IT field was long known as a male domain, but here at Merck we made it our ambition to break this stereotype. Gender equality is a fundamental requirement for a better workplace, and this is what we strive for. Do you feel inspired and want to join us? Watch the video and apply now to start working your magic with us.

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Gender diversity is about leveraging the different working styles and perspectives of women and men in the workplace. Although our company is gender-balanced across the broad employee population, we, like many companies, face challenges to achieve gender balance in all areas of our company. To support this effort, we engage all of our leaders, both women and men, in various development programs, unconscious bias trainings, diversity workshops, leadership events, and mentoring programs.
We need to be fit for the challenges of demographic change, which will alter our workforce and population structures in the long term. We are responding to this trend with various initiatives directed at employees from their first day with us right through to their last, and beyond. Initiatives include our corporate health management program, mentoring, flexible working time models and options to take time off to care for relatives. We consider all different phases of life and individual circumstances of our employees.
We need people with a broad range of business and scientific skills – to manage our current business as well as to innovate new products and develop new markets for the future. We offer a variety of tools and programs to support different types of contributors, such as our Science Network, which fosters exchange across our community of scientists. We also provide career development paths for experts across all functions. Developing your career is more than moving into management. We believe that approaches learned in one field or function can provide new insights in another part of the business or in another country, which is why we encourage career development across businesses, functions and geographies.
We know the value of different ways of working. Introvert or extravert, creative or analytical, everyone brings a valuable perspective to ensuring business success. We help teams learn how to work with and learn from different perspectives, for instance by using tools to help teams recognize the strengths of different personality types and how to work better together. Your preferred work style may change over the course of your career. It’s influenced by your stage of life and personal circumstances. Therefore, we offer a broad range of working models.

We are a global company, with employees from 136 nations working in 66 countries. International diversity of the workforce and our leadership teams is one of our strengths. It provides us with a better understanding of geographical differences with respect to the needs of patients and customers all over the world. To facilitate international collaboration, we offer a set of tools to prepare our staff for international projects, assignments and business trips. We support employees working with international colleagues or being assigned to other countries to adjust more quickly to their new location. We also work with local talents in various countries such that they develop a better understanding of our key foreign markets.

We are proud to support gender expression, gender identity and sexual orientation rights to create a culture of tolerance and inclusiveness. Through our Rainbow Network in various countries, we further the interests of the LGBTQI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, Intersex, and additional self-identifying members of the community). Our employee networks provide an opportunity for employees with similar experiences or challenges to exchange and support each other, while providing the company with important input on how we can be more inclusive.


We are committed to fostering an inclusive work environment and strive to make a lasting change to our behavior. Learn about how we promote diversity & inclusion in our Sustainability Report.
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