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Discover Healthcare Opportunities

​​​​​​​We are united 'As One for Patients' to help create, improve and prolong lives. We operate across four therapeutic areas with a clear ambition to become a global specialty innovator - neurology and immunology, oncology, fertility, and cardiovascular metabolism & endocrinology. Our R&D pipeline positions us with a clear focus on strengthening our leadership positions in oncology, neurology, and immunology. We have moved to a patient-directed approach, working with patients and family carers to systematically incorporate their perspectives throughout our processes to shape the way we design and deliver healthcare.

Discover Life Science Opportunities

Together with our colleagues, customers and stakeholders, we impact life and health with science. Before researchers can make scientific breakthroughs, they must have access to state-of-the-art tools, services and expertise to perform experiments and engineer new products. That’s where we come in. Our vision is a world where our innovative products, services and digital offerings help create solutions for people globally and a sustainable future for generations to come.   

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Discover Electronics Opportunities

Together with our customers, we push the boundaries of science and technology. Our contributions to the electronics industry help enable high-tech materials and solutions vital to our everyday lives, like smartphones, the Internet of Things and autonomous driving. The Electronics Business of Merck is where curious and passionate people open their minds to drive the future of electronics through innovations in material science. Our revolutionary breakthroughs are built atom by atom. Each solution edges us closer to life-changing discoveries.


Discover Enabling Functions Opportunities

We are one of the key enablers to the growth of our company by working closely with the three business sectors Life Science, Healthcare, and Electronics. 

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Data & Digital 

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of unleashing the incredible power of technologies, data and analytics to create breakthrough innovations and improve people's lives with us? Working in Data & Digital means more than just business as usual. It's about coming together as a team to pioneer and innovate every single day. Let's explore our digital future together.


​​​​​​​depending on the position (level, functional area, country) the process can vary slightly. 
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We assess
You are interviewed by phone, via video and/or face to face. 
Mutual agreement
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